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“Before an app store” with Sean Casto, CEO at PreApps

With over two million apps on the app store, many developers are asking questions like how can I get feedback for an app before it’s launched? How can I make sure that my app is bug free? To answer some of these hard hitting questions, we invited the CEO of, Sean Casto. During our discussion, we covered some interesting…


App Review with Dave Caolo, News Editor in TUAW

Media coverage has become one of the most discussed app marketing techniques in recent years. To discuss this topic, we decided to invite Dave Caolo, news editor for TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)! TUAW covers all things Apple including their hardware and software.   In this interview with Dave, we give developers a perspective on how the app review process…


Mood Altering Cap Could Change Depression

Depression has become one of the biggest mental health issues of our time, but could wearing a simple cap help you feel happier? In an article by Recode, Thync, a California based startup company is developing a hat-like object that is designed to alter a user’s state of mind. This “wearable” cap as it is being described, will send ultrasonic…



Having an app that is bug free and welcoming to its users is easily the most important aspect that developers and business owners look for. Of course there is beta or group testing to solve any issues that could arise, but often these services are expensive and require a significant amount of time.   Next week our guest will be…


Google’s Stepping into the Telemedicine field

No one likes going to the doctor, but what if you never had to go to the doctor again? This might become a reality in the near future. This week, Recode had an article that discussed the search engine giant, Google, slowly making their way into the telemedicine space. Google has begun to test this new service in their Helpout…