71% check Social Media sites during office meetings, says study

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Study Shows Majority of Office Workers Check Social Media While in Meetings, How Often Do You?
According to a survey recently conducted by, 71 percent of 1,000 office workers polled admitted to looking at social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on their phones during work meetings.

Twitter was the favored app for checking up on live events, cited by 28 percent of office workers. About one in ten will look at multiple social networks, and one percent even admitted to taking selfies on Instagram and Snapchat. Why such behavior in the workplace? The answer is pretty clear – boredom from inefficiently led meetings and the quick access to mobile devices, which are practically glued to our hands nowadays!

Although this presence of mobile screens does create major opportunities in user acquisition not just for game studios, because playing games during meetings is unacceptable, but clicking on App Install Ads from big shopping brands can be less noticeable if your boss is not standing behind your back!

Another question may arise: do employers need to penalize such behavior? For some specialists the excuse might be that the use of Twitter is directly related to work. Of course, many employers may view this as an obstacle diminishing efficiency at work, but in some technology and marketing sectors, the use of social media in meetings is actively encouraged.

Oles Dzyub,
Branded Content Manager at ComboApp