Facebook Adds New ‘Selling’ Features In Groups

Facebook Adds New ‘Selling’ Features In Groups

Are you selling items online? If so, Facebook has a new connection solution with your buyers!
Recently, Facebook announced a new feature which allows users to buy and sell things directly via Facebook Groups. The new feature adds an option of a ‘sell’ button in addition to the existing ‘post’ button inside of Groups. This gives space for a description of the item for sale, how much it’s selling for and where pickup or delivery would be. Sellers can also mark posts as ‘Available’ or ‘Sold’ and view a catalogue of items they’ve previously sold. This helps individuals, like home-based businesses, sell their items to friends and other community members using Facebook’s Groups.

The new ‘Sell’ feature was previously spotted during pilot testing in December and was available for selected Facebook Groups. Now the feature is rolling out globally to more Groups on the web, iOS and Android, though Facebook says it will happen slowly over the ‘coming months’. Today, the social network already hosts tens of millions of groups based around a variety of interests and “For Sale” groups are of the most popular categories. The feature could be an opportunity for small businesses with limited online presence. It could also provide a nice alternative to Craigslist’s sale listings.

On “For Sale” Groups, payments are made directly to the buyer from the seller and Facebook doesn’t get involved in the process. Facebook is showing names and details of the person buying and selling. On sites such as eBay and Craigslist, members have a certain level of anonymity.

It’s unclear if the social network will get into job boards and personals, but adding these kinds of features could keep Facebook’s users engaged on its mobile app, where most of its advertising revenue comes from. Facebook says that it will continue adding more features that will enhance these “For Sale” Groups in the months ahead which will make it easier for members to connect with each other, browse and search. Read more on Facebook Newsroom.

Oles Dzyub,
Branded Content Manager at ComboApp