How To Scale Twitter App Ads Effectively

How To Scale Twitter App Ads Effectively

Though Twitter introduced app install ads following the success of Facebook, advertisers who use the same mobile ad strategies on Twitter risk dealing with many obstacles. Despite sharing many similarities, these social platforms are quite different by nature. How does one succeed with Twitter’s mobile app install campaigns? First of all, you need to discern approaches used by Facebook and Twitter for the mobile app ecosystem. For which apps, markets or verticals will Twitter’s mobile app install campaign work better than others?

Niche audiences like fashion, music or a celebrity-themed game are more favorable to Twitter mobile ads. On the contrary, gaming apps that targets mid and hardcore gamers are not so successful on Twitter as on Facebook. Campaigns are easiest to scale in the US, followed by the United Kingdom, France and parts of East Asia.

Lets consider the key factors which have the biggest impact on the success of your mobile app promotion campaign on Twitter. The following targeting tools provide the best mix of volume and efficiency.

Get scale and quality with Expanded Audiences from your followers, which have limited scale and lower CPI than the average targeting segment. To succeed with this one you need to have a lot followers. Similarly to ‘Likes and Interests’ targeting on Facebook, followers of a Twitter handle can provide both scale and efficiency (when done correctly). To do this well, you need to know which handles attract people who are also likely to be interested in your brand. One other targeting type worth testing is Expanded Tailored Audiences (Facebook calls these ‘lookalike audiences’) from lead information collected in your CRM or mobile app events.

Twitter ads offer you a lot of possibilities that are not available on Facebook or Google mobile ad services. The following are the two largest impact features that you should take into consideration when planning your mobile ad campaign on Twitter. These features include optimization of individual Twitter handles to increase your campaign performance and leveraging keyword insights for other channels that let you target campaigns by interest.

In order to scale effectively on Twitter, you need to constantly provide fresh, relevant and engaging creatives. Due to Twitter’s smaller user base in comparison to Facebook and Google, your target audience will be faster tired by your ads. Your ads need to be as timely, relevant and personal as possible to compete with breaking news, celebrity gossip for attention.

Oles Dzyub,
Branded Content Manager at ComboApp