Mobile App Surveying with Pollfish

Mobile App Surveying with Pollfish

User feedback is highly beneficial and most valuable to mobile app owners. The range of use cases is very broad. Use cases range from deciding what app features should be improved or dropped to whether an app owner should display ads inside of an app to monetize it or choose another way of making a profit.

So how can app owners get reliable feedback from users quickly? This week we’re talking to Andreas Vourkos, co-founder and COO of Pollfish to find out the answer to that question. Pollfish aims to help businesses acquire valuable information for market research and advertising via an innovative mobile survey platform and, in turn, engage with consumers.

As an example of Pollfish capabilities we bring up the Developer Infographics, the product of the company co-operation with Localytics app analytics company.

Andreas is a mobile enthusiast seeking entrepreneurial commercialization of knowledge. Actively involved in the mobile world, Andreas is interested in innovative products that can reach massive scale and improve the lives of millions.

Vourkos is currently working at Pollfish to help re-define the way mobile surveys are conducted solving one of the biggest problems in the mobile apps world, mobile monetization.

Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content at ComboApp