AppBooster – One Stop Shop Rewarded Installs Platform User Guide

When it comes to marketing, herhaps the most persistent problem app owners have to deal with is an app discoverability. One of the ways to fix this problem is via launching an incentive mobile app traffic campaign. Couple months ago we launched AppBooster – the solution for running app incentive traffic campaigns from various sources from the single dashboard via our GoWide sub-division.

Since the day we launched AppBooster, we’ve been getting many quastions about the solution and so we’ve dediced to come up with a single guide that will help to address some of them.


As the incentive traffic solution AppBooster works because:

  • minimum budget to start
  • worldwide reach
  • 100% CPI risk-free model
  • scalable inventory
  • all major incentivize traffic suppliers in a single dashboard
  • dynamic real-time pricing
  • easy to sign up

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Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content.