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How to build an active user base for a retail app

Mobile commerce grows rapidly as more users browse products and make purchases from mobile devices. Smartphone spending had increased on 96% during Q1 2016, according to eRetail Sales Index. While many retail companies hesitate to develop mobile apps, the trend is clear: Clutch survey shows that half of all surveyed businesses will have an app by the next year.  …


Healthcare Apps: Challenges, Regulations and Great Expectations

Health and Wellness mobile apps are extremely popular now. There are more than 160,000 health apps available on the app stores. The demand grows rapidly as more users follow healthy lifestyle trend, become more aware of their health issues and the advantages of mHealth technology.   But when it comes to app development and promotion, developers can face serious challenges, like…


Cracking the Mobile App Marketing Code with ComboApp

Strategy Director Sergey Kanishchev has told Thalamus how Comboapp works, how it differs from other mobile marketing companies and what are the main challenges in app marketing today.   Sergey also talked about latest trends in mobile industry, the reasons of low retention rate in mobile apps and the most effective marketing analytics tools. Read interview here.  


5 Stages of Building An Active User Base for Your Mobile Game

Acquiring users for free-to-play mobile game is hard, but keeping them engaged is even harder. A mobile game need to have an active and loyal user base in order to be succesful and profitable.   How can you get your game discovered and bring it to a new level? The trick lies in finding a balance between acquisition and retention, tracking in-app analytics and using…


The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful App Launch

  Mobile app launch is a crucial moment for app developer that requires lots of time, efforts, knowledge and analysis. From choosing most relevant keywords to defining the right time for the launch, this stage of app marketing involve tons of nuances.   Comboapp has helped many developers to get their app discovered, and now shares its expertise in a form of…


They Just Aren’t That into You(r App)

It`s heartbreaking to watch your hard-earned users leaving your app. CPI cost is high, and struggle for better retention rate is exhausting. But before adding one more feature or spending more budget on user acquisition, you should check some basic product factors.   The hard truth is that users just aren’t that into your app.   Too often, app developers just forget…


7 Detailed Steps for Marketing Your Mobile App Launch with Content

App developers often view content strategy as a minor priority while promoting their app. Content strategy is usually time-consuming and requires some expertise in PR, content writing and marketing. At the same time, it brings long-time results, which are often hard to track and measure.   However, proper content strategy can serve as an amplifier of paid marketing efforts, and help…