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Welcome to ComboApp’s interactive digital marketing show where we cover key communications topics such as mobile, digital, social marketing and public relations. We have many years of mobile app marketing experience under our belts and we continue to recognize how these four influential marketing areas intersect with one another. To put it simply, the success of an app marketing campaign is generated by a cumulative effort of these four compelling areas.

During each episode we are inviting a guest, with an extensive background in one or more of the previously mentioned fields, to talk about a specific communications topic and to discuss the news of a week. By bringing these topics to your attention, we hope to keep you highly informed on what is going on in the world of mobile, digital, social media and public relations. We encourage you to participate in these individual discussions simply by submitting your comments or sending questions to our host via email at adogtiev@comboapp.com

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Marketing Storytelling with Inner Circle Labs CEO Julie Crabill

How storytelling helps in marketing In this episode we invited Julie Crabill, CEO of Inner Circle Labs to talk about storytelling in marketing. We touched upon some of the best case studies that Inner Circle Labs has for successful marketing storytelling. We also discussed marketing stories told by various companies that inspire Julie and influence her to possibly mirror at…