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During each episode we are inviting a guest, with an extensive background in one or more of the previously mentioned fields, to talk about a specific communications topic and to discuss the news of a week. By bringing these topics to your attention, we hope to keep you highly informed on what is going on in the world of mobile, digital, social media and public relations. We encourage you to participate in these individual discussions simply by submitting your comments or sending questions to our host via email at edychko@comboapp.com

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Sleep Disorder Treatment Apps with Melissa Lim, MobileSleepDoc app CEO and Managing Partner

This week we feature a special guest, Melissa Lim, the MobileSleepDoc app CEO and Managing Partner. We’re focusing on the app history, marketing challenges Melissa faced when the app was released on a market and how mobile apps help people with a sleep disorder in general.   We also touch upon advantages and disadvantages mobile apps have, compared with other…


Mobile Game Analytics with Allison Bilas, VP of Product at GameAnalytics

App user behavior analysis it’s not an easy task, but when it comes to mobile game user behavior it’s when things become really complicated! There are only a few companies on the market that tackle this hard task and empower game developers with the right toolbox.   This week I’m talking to Allison from GameAnalytics and we’re covering the range…


App Engagement with Dennis Mink, VP Marketing at Liftoff

What is the most important metric for you to measure as an app owner? It’s not how many installs your app is getting, it’s about engagement inside of the app! This week I’m talking to Dennis Mink, VP at Liftoff, Inc. From the average price to acquire a registered user to the cost of acquiring a user that purchases a…


Apple Watch Notifications with Spencer Burke, Mobile Strategist at Appboy

Apple Watch Notifications and Apple Watch as the rising smartwatch star are on the table for me and Spencer Burke to talk about this week. At the beginning of April Appboy announced the support for customizing both short-look and long-look Apple Watch interface notifications.   We’re talking about how these notifications may change the dynamics of iOS app user interaction…


Mobile App Surveying with Pollfish

User feedback is highly beneficial and most valuable to mobile app owners. The range of use cases is very broad. Use cases range from deciding what app features should be improved or dropped to whether an app owner should display ads inside of an app to monetize it or choose another way of making a profit.   So how can…


State Of The Developer Nation Q1 2015 report

Quarterly, VisionMobile, the UK-based leading research company in the app economy, issues a comprehensive report that provides a snapshot of the mobile app world. This week we welcome back Mark Wilcox, Business Analyst at VisionMobile. We talk about competition between iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and other mobile app development platforms along with Apple’s Swift programming language stellar adoption. We also…


Mobile App Marketing with Charlyn Keating

On this week episode I cover a number of mobile app marketing aspects with Charlyn Keating, the host of Appreneur Summit, mobile app & game developer.   We talk about steps for an app developer to launch his mobile app on a market, common mistakes app developers do, differences between consumer and enterprise app marketing and app marketing trends for…


Video-Game Industry Disruption in 2015 with JOOST VAN DREUNEN, CEO at SuperData Research

According to this year’s forecast, the video gaming industry will reach a $90 billion threshold. This week we welcome back Joost Van Dreunen, CEO of SuperDataResearch.com. The SuperDataResearch team specializes in digial game research as well as publishing comprehensive reports. In this interview we discuss what aspects will disrupt the video-game industry in 2015. According to Joost, the following 5…