MobileSleepDoc, LLC
media hits including: Yahoo! Finance, The Business Journals, and more
7,000,000 media outreach to niche audience through wellness and fitness bloggers
App’s average user review rating of 4.5 stars with over 60% giving 5 star reviews
Android Portfolio
Intel Corporation
successful campaigns for developers selected by Intel
Up to 300% Increase in number of organic app downloads
Featured media placements included: The Examiner, MomDot and other media
Sandton Technologies, LLC
200+ media hits including The Telegraph, Cosmopolitan and many more
20,000+ downloads during the first week allowed the app to reach top charts in the App Store
Television features included: The Today Show, MSNBC, The Doctors and more
SeaWorld Kids Apps
SeaWorld Entertainment
200,000+ outreach through promotional Parent Bloggers posts
23,000+ views from target audience via YouTube channel reviews
60,000 clicks from Facebook CPC Campaign
08_case_seaworld (1)
Video Medicine
Video Medicine, Inc.
media hits in high profile outlets causing positive awareness
Featured articles in: USA Today, Re/Code, CNBC and ABC News
300% increase in new user registrations after promo site redesign
Mobile Systems
Up to 3x increase in organic daily installs during the course of the campaign
Top charts included #2 spot in Germany, #2 position in Italy, #2 title in Spain, among others
Favorable reviews in high profile media channels with extensive outreach to 900,000 readers
Bungee Mummy
Steampunk Wizards
CPI decrease as a results of campaign optimization
Install volume boost led to significant organic traffic uplift
Facebook and Instagram campaigns allowed to exceed planned eCPI
Flare Kids
Cox Communications
Monetization strategy and analysis developed based on statistical data of 29 competitors
UX/UI improvements and guidance through user behavior analysis and UI best practices
List of most desirable content for kids and required parental control features
Abby Lee Dance Secrets
Abby Lee
The list of UX design issues with examples of initial improvements
Thorough analysis of conversion funnels from main traffic sources
User engagement metrics and retention rate increase factors, based on the app users survey.

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