Community Management
We will develop and manage your product’s social community by constantly introducing fresh and relevant media content to engage the audience and support loyal users. We also carefully monitor the media environment and competitive activity to ensure a timely reaction to user feedback.
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It is a known fact that untimely reaction to user feedback is the main reason for negative user app reviews. It is in your best interest to make sure that all user feedback (via a simple web search, social media, in the app or on the app stores) are favorable.
ComboApp can help you to monitor the media environment, track user feedback and ensure a timely response. Our media experts will develop and maintain your product community covering social media streams, thematic forums or in-app chat rooms.
We will also monitor the competitive activity to keep you aware of the possible threats and opportunities.

Strategies used:

  • Developing and managing your product community
  • Monitoring the media environment and competitive activity to ensure timely reaction
  • Supporting your content updates in media to suit the market demands
  • Increasing your customer retention and loyalty
  • Leveraging user feedback analysis and customer support

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