Launched portfolio of engaging mobile apps with a 30 day retention rate 22% over market average.

Reached 200,000+ targeted users through promotional parent blogger posts

23,000+ views from target audience via YouTube reviews

60,000 Facebook CPC Campaign clicks



As SeaWorld’s marketing partner, ComboApp was tasked with bringing its newest kid-and-parent-friendly portfolio of educational and entertaining mobile apps to market. We developed a variety of creative assets and launched a portfolio of engaging, mobile apps in an oversaturated market segment.



ComboApp conducted exhaustive competitive analyses, as well as the complete audit and optimization of SeaWorld’s UX/UI design. We provided SeaWorld with creative consultation, including a comprehensive media, public relations and social media plan, complete with influencer campaign management and analytics support.

To track efficacy postlaunch, ComboApp also developed a monetization model evaluation and an app store optimization strategy.



The SeaWorld app had a 30 day user retention rate 22% above market average. Additionally, ComboApp’s marketing efforts resulted in 23,000+ views from Seaworld’s target audience on its YouTube channel, 60,000 clicks from the Facebook CPC campaign, and more than 200,000 impressions through parent blogger posts.



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