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Sleep Disorder Treatment Apps with Melissa Lim, MobileSleepDoc app CEO and Managing Partner


Wearables Change Our Lives

This week we feature a special guest, Melissa Lim, the MobileSleepDoc app CEO and Managing Partner. We’re focusing on the app history, marketing challenges Melissa faced when the app was released on a market and how mobile apps help people with a sleep disorder in general.


We also touch upon advantages and disadvantages mobile apps have, compared with other means of a sleep disorder treatment and what possible future lays ahead for mobile as the way to treat sleep problems.


Melissa is a board-certified sleep specialist, entrepreneur, and medical technology executive, who created the first version of MobileSleepDoc Pro mobile app in 2012, after treating hundreds of her own patients and realizing there were thousands more suffering from poor sleep who needed greater access to care and knowledge about their sleep problems. She attended Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed her fellowship training at Johns Hopkins and the University of California, San Francisco. She founded MobileSleepDoc, LLC which is now owned by Somnology, Inc. Dr. Lim in the Chief Medical Officer of Somnology, Inc. and runs a busy private practice in Redwood City, CA, in the the heart of Silicon Valley.


Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content

Mobile Game Analytics with Allison Bilas, VP of Product at GameAnalytics


Mobile Game Analytics with Allison Bilas, VP of Product at GameAnalytics

App user behavior analysis it’s not an easy task, but when it comes to mobile game user behavior it’s when things become really complicated! There are only a few companies on the market that tackle this hard task and empower game developers with the right toolbox.


This week I’m talking to Allison from GameAnalytics and we’re covering the range of questions that the company needs to address to provide such complex service. We also touch upon the recent iTunes App Store update.



Allison is the VP of Product at GameAnalytics where she leads their efforts in building the best analytics tool for game developers of all sizes. She has over 10 years of data and consumer research experience, including building PopCap’s game analytics team from scratch and assisting on hit titles Bejeweled Blitz and Plants vs. Zombies 2, amongst others. Her favorite games are Animal Crossing and Luminez. She also really likes staplers.


Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content.

App Engagement with Dennis Mink, VP Marketing at Liftoff


App Engagement with Dennis Mink, VP Marketing at Liftoff

What is the most important metric for you to measure as an app owner? It’s not how many installs your app is getting, it’s about engagement inside of the app! This week I’m talking to Dennis Mink, VP at Liftoff, Inc. From the average price to acquire a registered user to the cost of acquiring a user that purchases a product or service inside an app, Dennis answers it all. If you were wondering who creates dating app accounts more often, women or men, the answer is inside the Q1 2015 Mobile App Engagement Index issued by Liftoff.


Liftoff is a mobile app marketing and retargeting platform that helps app publishers acquire engaged mobile users. Liftoff uses “post-install” data to run true CPA-optimized user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns.


Dennis is the VP of Marketing at Liftoff and a native Californian. Prior to Liftoff, Dennis was head of the marketing team for Appoxee, a mobile marketing automation platform, and DudaMobile, a mobile website creation platform.


Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content at ComboApp

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