New website look | Promo Codes | One More Thing
May 15, 2011 | ComboApp Team

New website look | Promo Codes | One More Thing

The last couple months things were really busy but I finally have some time to share exciting new developments with you. We’ve competed our website revamping and have ironed  out a set of app marketing services that developers really need. It’s really about making continuous changes when evaluating what layouts and site arrangements  provide a better experience to our customers and what particular services are useful for developers.


We are thrilled to announce that from now on will function as a real online marketing services store for iOS developers. The iTunes App Store is a highly dynamic market and its constant and rapid growth creates more and more challenges for both developers and marketers. We did our best to keep up with its supersonic pace.


Let me guide you through the updated areas as well as new areas on the site.



It presents a table with 4 plans plus a custom plan and the full list of services we provide to market apps. By checking each particular service you can see as s total sum changes and it gives you s total services price in real time. As you added services to your shopping chart and then you can proceed to check out. You can read each service’s detailed description by clicking on it in a pop up window.



It features 4 plans that present the set of services, we know from our own experience as iOS developer and from what other developers reported us, provide the best results in terms of app marketing on various stages of its existence from a prelaunch app announcement till its after launch life cycle period when app requires keeping extra effort to keep people’s attention on it.

As you may guess the pricing setting was one of the most intense task to really hit the target and provide not only effective but an affordable service as well.



Here you’ll find the description of each service and ability to purchase any particular service with a single click of a button. Notice that every service now has LinkedIn “Recommend” button and so whenever any of our clients have a good experience with one of our services they can recommend it for the LinkedIn professional community with a single click of a button.


Promo Codes.

Now let’s get to the sweet spot, which is promo codes system. As we’re rapidly approach this year holiday season we’ve decided to roll out a new discount program to help app developers community to meet their goals and save some hard earned money. Starting this week we begin to provide a 10% discount to all loyal customers and app developers in general, who will help to promote our services in the Social Media ocean, namely on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn. You’ll find details directly in our account on those channels shortly.

And as Steve Jobs says on his keynotes “There is one more thing…” We all use Twitter as one of our marketing channels and so the more widespread we get for our tweets the better. This simple idea lead us to launching a new service “Twitter Boost”.


Artyom Diogtev, New Media Manager at ComboApp.

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Have a question? Interested in our services?

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