Mobile App Monetization
We will help you choose the most suitable revenue generation model or analyze your current app performance metrics and engagement indicators to identify the existing monetization limitations. Studying the competitors/market results and mapping it on your historical app usage data allows us to outline a solid roadmap for revenue stream improvement.
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Depending on your goals and the type of a product, whether it be delivering a specific volume of app downloads or optimizing to certain in-app loyalty events, we focus on implementing high-impact campaigns and driving measurable results within any budget.

Strategies used:

  • Understanding the key mobile metrics and conversion goals of your app
  • Studying the consumer path and mapping the conversion funnel
  • Analyzing the app user engagement indicators by both quantitative (data mining) and qualitative approaches (surveying/interviewing users)
  • Assessing the currently used monetization strategies and defining user lifetime value (LTV)
  • Evaluating the app user interface and user experience
  • Developing the set of recommended marketing actions to increase ARPU/ARPPU
  • Implementing and testing specific selected marketing tactics
  • Selecting and scaling the highest performing monetization channels and approaches

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