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 So you’ve decided that you need public relations,  but how do you get started? Below  we’ve created  a short list of how to choose the right PR agency  for your brand. Best of luck!   1. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR TEAM If you are going to read one thing in this article,  this is by far the most important tip….

USA - "Bates Motel" Press Line - Comic-Con International 2014 - San Diego

Top 10 Comic-Con networking tips

Our new client was going to attend Comic-Con last week and they had very little experience with media and networking, so we put together a quick tip list of how to discuss their brand and engage with their potential audience.   Let me know what you’d add and take away in the comments!     Quick tips:   Perfect your brand…

new life

App Growth Metrics

Can you think of one universal aspect of every single app in the store? The answer to that question would be one word, growth. Whenever an app developer conceives an app idea he begins (or really should) to think about how the idea is going to grow and how to measure that growth.   I recently stumbled across John Egan’s…

woman hand holding iPhone with Twitter on the screen

Twitter Expands Targeting Options with Apps

Twitter is now collecting data on apps that users have on their mobile devices in order to better target and tailor advertising and other content to them. Twitter is not the only player in this game. Facebook recently started to collect similar data, although only from apps that have its SDK.   Along with gaining appeal from its customers, Twitter…


Apple’s WWDC 2015 – The Keynote

WWDC is the world’s largest gathering of Apple developers, alpha geeks and experts of excellence. This year the WWDC was filled with announcements about incremental upgrades and innovations to Mac OS X and iOS.   As for us, mobile is playing a central role in this and we would like to focus your attention on all improvements that should make…