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Yahoo Launches Mobile Developer Suite

Recently, Yahoo launched a complex solution for successful mobile app marketing. The platform is designed to help developers understand, measure, advertise, monetize and enhance their apps. Yahoo’s Mobile Developer Suite has five new products: Flurry Analytics Explorer, Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo App Marketing, Yahoo Search in Apps, and Flurry Pulse.   This suite reaffirms Yahoo’s commitment to its growing businesses…

Connected Smart Phones Cell Phone Communication Links

Why Deep Linking Is Important for Mobile

If you’ve heard all the rave about deep linking in your app, you know there must be substantial value to investing time to adopt it. We’ve all seen the gaps between the UX of the web and mobile. There’s a lot of room to improve this experience, especially on mobile. Deep linking saves users time and creates a more intuitive…


Mobile App ROI estimation

Mobile apps have changed the global business landscape and have become one of the most integral parts of a business’s marketing strategy. ROI estimation for the mobile app is becoming a major issue, especially when presenting your app to potential investors or your boss, if you aim to engage your existing customers in your product or services through a mobile…

Ruler - To Measure is to Know - Importance of Metrics

Vital Metrics For Tracking Your App’s Success

If you want your app business to succeed today you need to integrate a reliable analytics tracking system. However, today as the App Store has matured, creating a chart-topping product has become a much more complex process and integration of analytics tracking system isn’t enough. You need to know exactly which data points to track, which metrics are important to…


Apple’s market cap is now over $700 Billion

Apple shares ended the day trading at $128.71 on February 19. This gives Apple a massive market cap of $745.01 billion, which once again makes Apple the single most valuable American company ever just one day after it broke through the $700 billion barrier for the first time. That’s nearly double the next largest company on the list, Exxon Mobil….