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Apple’s WWDC 2015 – The Keynote

WWDC is the world’s largest gathering of Apple developers, alpha geeks and experts of excellence. This year the WWDC was filled with announcements about incremental upgrades and innovations to Mac OS X and iOS.   As for us, mobile is playing a central role in this and we would like to focus your attention on all improvements that should make…


Sleep Disorder Treatment Apps with Melissa Lim, MobileSleepDoc app CEO and Managing Partner

This week we feature a special guest, Melissa Lim, the MobileSleepDoc app CEO and Managing Partner. We’re focusing on the app history, marketing challenges Melissa faced when the app was released on a market and how mobile apps help people with a sleep disorder in general.   We also touch upon advantages and disadvantages mobile apps have, compared with other…

Digitally generated Wearable technology vector with jogging couple

Wearables Change Our Lives

Wearables – a buzz word that has become a part of our everyday jargon but what difference does it really make in people’s lives?   The overarching function of all wearables is to capture, transmit and display information. Wearables are a part of the Internet of Things, the technological platform that embeds electronics into our houses, clothing and in places…


Mobile Game Analytics with Allison Bilas, VP of Product at GameAnalytics

App user behavior analysis it’s not an easy task, but when it comes to mobile game user behavior it’s when things become really complicated! There are only a few companies on the market that tackle this hard task and empower game developers with the right toolbox.   This week I’m talking to Allison from GameAnalytics and we’re covering the range…


GoWide Attends Israel Mobile Summit 2015

ComboApp’s traffic sub-division GoWide team is heading to the Israel Mobile Summit 2015 in Tel Aviv! Meet Stanislav Makeev, Head of Business Development, DSP and Dmitry Bogdanov, Head of Business Development, GoWide Affiliate. We have no doubts that this is going to be a fully-packed event filled with presentations, meetings, handshakes and business card exchanges. If you are interested in…