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App User Acquisition Price Goes Up in 2015

  Every quarter the cost of acquiring mobile app users rises with a new wave. It’s clear that these permanent take-offs for both download activity and user acquisition costs are here to stay, witnessing a far more expensive mobile marketing landscape then we’ve seen in years past. The cost-per-loyal-user index, which measures the price of acquiring a user who opens…


Google Helps Drive App Installs Through Search Results

On April 16, 2015 Google updated its app indexing algorithm bringing the web and Google Play Store one step closer to one another.   Any Android app with content that matches the app’s web page will now be indexed. When the user opens a web browser on his or her phone and searches for something like “give me instructions on…


Apple Watch Notifications with Spencer Burke, Mobile Strategist at Appboy

Apple Watch Notifications and Apple Watch as the rising smartwatch star are on the table for me and Spencer Burke to talk about this week. At the beginning of April Appboy announced the support for customizing both short-look and long-look Apple Watch interface notifications.   We’re talking about how these notifications may change the dynamics of iOS app user interaction…

Male Doctor Holding Digital Tablet

ResearchKit Tools

Apple created iOS 8 ResearchKit tools available for medical researchers. Researchers and app developers can now use ResearchKit to create applications to carry out medical searches in the field of medicine and health. Developers have also create new research modules to the open source framework.   Prior to its release, ResearchKit had already been employed in a small group of…


Mobile App Analytics Companies Reaction to the Facebook Analytics for Apps Release

As if the reshaping of Facebook Messenger into a platform and laying down the groundwork for virtual reality video on the News Feed weren’t enough, Facebook just announced Analytics for Apps. This free tool allows developers and marketers to analyze and measure Facebook demographic behavior for further creation of better targeting campaigns.   It’s designed to help developers and marketers…

Silver Apple iphone 6 displaying Facebook messenger application

Facebook Messenger Becomes a Platform

Facebook intends to follow in the successful footsteps of the Asian messenger giants, adopting their platform strategy into their Messenger Platform which will allow its 600 million users to create and share content with the help third-party tools and communicate with businesses.   Messaging apps in Asia have been platforms for games, camera apps, multimedia and e-commerce for a couple…