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Businessman holding iPhone 6 with a set of payment system

Does Your Brand Need an App?

Create or not to create? That is the question!   Despite the fact that there are more than 2.5 million iOS and Android apps combined, there are many businesses who still don’t have an app. Among many reasons for not having an app there is a lack of confidence for how to do it right. The good news is that…


Cost of mobile app user engagement for the first-time events

Today, the mobile media channel accounts for more than 50% of time spent with all digital media. The mobile space is growing, moving and transforming incredibly fast adding more sophisticated tasks and challenges in everyday jobs of marketers, product managers and engineers. Being so young and quickly growing, the mobile space is also lacking best practices to guide our efforts….


App Engagement with Dennis Mink, VP Marketing at Liftoff

What is the most important metric for you to measure as an app owner? It’s not how many installs your app is getting, it’s about engagement inside of the app! This week I’m talking to Dennis Mink, VP at Liftoff, Inc. From the average price to acquire a registered user to the cost of acquiring a user that purchases a…

Community Management

Community Management for Mobile Apps

How to build and manage a loyal community for your mobile app with the help of social media networks! We will develop and manage your product’s social community by constantly introducing fresh and relevant media content to engage the audience and support loyal users. We also carefully monitor the media environment and competitive activity to ensure a timely reaction to…

ASO whitepaper

App Store Optimization (ASO) for your Mobile App

Do you think about going mobile? Do you already have a mobile app for your business being released on the App Store? App Store Optimization is one of the KEY marketing techniques to connect your app with its users. When submitting the app to the app store, the product owner needs to optimize app presence with visually appealing app screenshots,…