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How to import your subscribers into social media accounts

Today, mobile app marketers have lots of available tools to help simplify their communication with their target audience. Marketers with only one channel risk losing opportunities that may be possible with multiple channels.   Social media and email lists are among the most popular tools for content delivery. If you are sending content to your audience through email lists, why…


Twitter App Install Ads Attribution

Until now, advertisers using Twitter’s mobile app promotion to drive app installs were only able to get analytics on ad performance by working with one of the platform’s ad tech partners. Today, the company announced that app marketers can get these insights for free via Answers.   Answers is part of Twitter’s developer platform, Fabric, which was introduced in October….

How to Keep the Customer Dry Erase Board TIps Techniques

Retention Measurement Issue in Mobile

Along with user acquisition and engagement, retention is probably the most important metric for freemium apps and free-to-play games. Retention level and lifetime customer value (LTV) are key metrics in assessment once you have acquired high-quality users for your mobile game. Retention is also a strong indication of the general quality of the app and its user experience.   Despite…


Zombies on the App Store

Zombie apps are not visible in the store as they do not occupy a single ranking in any top list worldwide. This means that users cannot find zombie apps through organic search or by browsing category lists. These apps can only be found by searching for a specific type of app or by finding the app directly by name.  …

Heat map

Heat Maps for Mobile Apps

Heat maps for the web typically track mouse movements and are less useful for mobile apps since you don’t see any data until the user touches the screen. You cannot see what the user considered clicking on, only what they eventually touched. In mobile apps, Heat maps show you places where people are tapping the most. Lighter colors show areas…

Cohort Analysis on the Cogwheels.

Cohort analysis: a useful tool for mobile app analytics

Cohort analysis is one of the hottest topics in mobile app analytics right now and is a great way for marketers to stay updated on customer behavior within their mobile apps. Its potential application in mobile app marketing is obvious, but there are still usage issues on a regular basis. A cohort is a group of users who share some…