Cox Communications

Cox Communications


Cox Communications, one the largest cable providers in the US, enlisted ComboApp to evaluate the launch of their new mobile education and entertainment platform for kids and teenagers, Flare Kids and Flare TV.

ComboApp was brought in to validate the efficacy of Flare Kids and Flare TV, design a high growth strategy, and launch a new platform geared toward a demographic that is both difficult to capture and to keep. Additionally, ComboApp provided evaluations and recommendations for UX/UI and mobile product growth strategy.

UX analysis for Cox Communications


Due to the complexities of capturing the youth market, ComboApp conducted detailed competitive analysis and market research, a complete audit of UX/UI designs, and developed an agile marketing plan.

Marketing services for Flare Kids


ComboApp provided Cox Communications with detailed guidance on product improvements based on behavioral studies, market trends and UI best practices, which included a monetization strategy developed from the analysis of 29 competitors.

ComboApp also provided parent/child behavioral analysis detailing content preferences, a list of the most desirable content for kids, and the preferred parental control features. Our unique and fundamental algorithm allowed Cox Communications to better understand user behavior on the Flare Kids app.