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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Capturing your target audience’s attention. Turning visitors into users. Cultivating brand loyalty and building growth frameworks.

Winning people's attention in the digital age requires more than clever slogans and big-budget ad campaigns. Shortened attention spans and intense competition mean that to make an impact with your marketing, you must continuously improve the way you communicate with, connect to, and analyze potential customers.

ComboApp specializes in digital marketing services that help companies plan and execute strategic initiatives to build customer demand and inspire devoted brand advocates. We look at digital marketing holistically across all channels, continually testing and optimizing our solutions to drive engagement, sales, and loyalty.

Digital marketing analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Every marketing campaign we run for any type of digital product starts with defining key performance indicators and deploying tools to collect data.

However, raw data and its visualizations are just numbers, percentages, graphs, bar charts, and excel spreadsheets, that need to be cleaned up and refined into meaningful and actionable insights. This is where our expertise comes in to shine, we take collected data and use it to steer marketing efforts towards greater efficiency and effectiveness, adjusting and adapting your digital marketing strategy as necessary to optimize ROI and maximize results.

User acquisition

Without a user acquisition (UA) strategy, it can be hard for businesses to find and convert new users. UA is a data-heavy science that looks for trends and patterns that work, cutting out the guesswork that can lead to wasted ad spend. With competition increasing, finding a way to improve your app, web, or service discovery while convincing users to give you a try can become an exercise in optimization as well as an essential component of success.

ComboApp has access to most of the currently available mobile inventory and is able to use multiple mobile ad networks and mobile ad exchanges, as well as leverage direct relationships with publishers in order to achieve optimum results in user acquisition campaigns. We strive to acquire high lifetime value (LTV) users at scale, employing all aspects of the app marketing ecosystem including affiliate networks, mobile video, social platforms (i.e. Facebook and Twitter), RTB programmatic buying and direct media placement on specific niche outlets.

Social media & PR

In modern business, regardless of industry, a successful company focuses on innovation. We offer social media marketing services to help you to tell a story of that innovation to the right people at the right time. When your brand tells a great story, consumers begin to trust and like you. That emotional response is key to conversion in the modern marketing world.

No matter what your product is: an app, e-commerce website, or a service, social media is an excellent platform for you to listen, engage, and build relationships with consumers. ComboApp has all the necessary resources, including creative talent, a vast network of media contacts, influencers and opinion leaders, to design and execute social media & PR campaigns for any product or brand.

Reputation management services

A brand earns name, goodwill and evolves them into brand reputation through years of hard work. Unfortunately, losing it might take just minutes in the Digital Age. Hence, protecting online reputation is the most important thing an organization of any size needs to do.

As personal attacks and unfair competition practices become more widespread online, reputation management is quickly becoming one of the most requested digital marketing services by both start-ups and established enterprises.

ComboApp provides reputation management services that monitor, fix, repair, and build your online reputation to put you in control of what people see when they search for you or your product online.

The Takeaway

The message is as important as the medium. ComboApp engages your potential customers at as many intersection points as possible, tooling what we say (and, what we show them) to the specific, individual needs which will drive a potential customer to become an actual customer. We use hard data and careful analysis to measure the success of each campaign, nimbly adjusting content and strategy to be as fluid as the whims of the marketplace. This is how we deliver the competitive advantage that you need to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Digital marketing solutions to grow your business