Deployed successful marketing campaigns to increase media coverage and monthly active users.

Successful developer campaigns selected by Intel

Up to 300% increase in organic app downloads

Media placements include The Examiner, MomDot and more



As Intel’s marketing partner, ComboApp consistently works on several high impact campaigns, including the growth of Chromebook’s user base and the promotion of a portfolio of clients whose products utilize the unique features and capabilities offered by Intel’s hardware. ComboApp was tasked with growing Chromebook’s user base and providing select mobile app developers with mobile marketing services to optimize their products.



In a multi-faceted approach, we combined target audience research, an agile marketing plan, creative consultants, public relations, social media, and extensive analytics tools to optimize marketing efforts and spend. We also created keyword optimized app descriptions and app campaigns that involved bloggers, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more.



ComboApp exceeded project goals and surpassed organic growth expectations. Chromebook saw a significant increase in monthly active users and media coverage from influential sources like The Examiner and MomDot, and deployed successful marketing campaigns for each of the 14 selected developers, increasing active users.



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