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Launched App Store optimization strategy increasing user engagement by 210%.
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Hits in high profile media outlets, positively increasing brand awareness

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Featured articles in USA Today, Re/Code, CNBC and ABC News

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300% increase in new user registrations after promo site redesign



VideoMedicine is a HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution that allows patients to connect with medical specialists using an innovative face-to-face video chat app. This groundbreaking product was the first of its kind to allow patients to benefit from mobile technology and make professional healthcare available to all.

ComboApp was tasked with increasing user engagement on the app and establishing VideoMedicine as a leader in the telemedicine category.

Marketing services for Video Medicine app



We executed a multi-faced pre-launch campaign that included defining the App Store Optimization strategy, creating effective marketing collateral, compiling a comprehensive media list for outreach, and redesigning the website. ComboApp also developed a custom analytics tool to track user behavior for better app optimization.

Marketing for Video Medicine app



Video Medicine received a 210% increase in user engagement and 90+ media hits in top business and tech media outlets, including USA Today, Re/code, CNBC and ABC News. The creation of a custom analytics tool generated valuable user experience insights, and the complete rework of website copy led to increased conversions and a consistent brand image for Video Medicine.

Marketing solutions for Video Medicine app

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