How To Change Your Perception Of Advertising Firm Logo Designing

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How To Change Your Perception Of Advertising Firm Logo Designing

Advertising has a lot to do with perceptions and if you really think about it, you will realize that it also shapes people’s opinions. This is why it’s so important to send out the right message with advertisements and through marketing. One of the best ways to effectively get the desired results and create the right perception is with a brand logo. If you run an advertising firm, then you should know that a well-designed logo is the stepping stone to success. It’s how you sell your idea to the consumer and convince them to work with you.

perception of advertising firm logo designing

As an advertising firm owner, you might need to change your own perception about brand identity design to break through in the market. Find out how you can do so in this article.

Consider Visual Impact of Design

Basically, you have to think about both the long term and immediate impact that the design can have on your clients. Look at your advertising firm logo just as you would at any brand’s graphic or icon. It should be something that immediately clicks with people and in the long term can carry your branding strategy. Over time, you might even need to make some small changes to your advertising firm logo design but the impact should remain the same. Take McCann or Ogilvy for example, both the advertising firms have changed their logos to keep up with trends and time. Despite that, their logos are, were, and will continue to be visually powerful.

Look at the ‘Wow’ Factor

Every good and great brand identity design needs to have a ‘wow’ factor. You might wonder how to bring out the wow factor in your own firm’s logo, well, it can happen. When you are designing your advertising logo, think about what will make your client instantly stop and admire it. It could be the use of friendly, energetic or simple colors, or such typefaces and fonts which have a place in memory. As an advertising firm owner, you want to engage your audience from the beginning and the logo will get you there. Even famed designer Milton Glaser has talked about this and is known to have said, “There are three responses to a piece of design. Yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Get an Emotional Response

When it comes to changing perceptions about designing advertising firm symbols, emotional response should top the list. There is a whole science behind getting an emotional response with the logo. Research has found that certain objects, colors, and icons can actually uplift someone’s mood or sometimes make them sad as well. There are several big companies such Microsoft and Google which have used solid color schemes in their logos to their advantage. The familiar blue, green, yellow and red blocks forming a window can be immediately recognized anywhere. Other companies such as Ray-Ban or Coca-Cola, have highlighted their names with a unique typeface and script font.

Similarly, firms such as Nike and Apple, decided to go with appealing symbols in their logos which today, people can identify with globally. Apple changed their design from a multi or rainbow colored apple to the monochrome one that is now their trademark.

Understand Your Customer

In order to get favorable feedback and results, you have to first understand your customer and the target audience. Find out what kind of a logo would likely get a client’s attention. Once, you are aware of the elements that help the people connect with your business, then you will realize how your own perception has changed. For example, there are a few angles and shapes that people look at positively and they make them feel comfortable. According to one study, roundness in a logo can suggest that the company is ‘warm and caring’ towards the customers. As an advertising firm owner, the basic step you can take with your logo design is making sure that it’s something that indicates trust and promise.


When it comes to creating the right graphics, you have to consider their effectiveness. Basically, there are two major factors which must be kept in mind during the designing process. Do you want your logo to be descriptive or non-descriptive? In some places, research says that a descriptive logo works better than the other, however, a large number of companies choose to use non-descriptive logos. McDonald’s signature is the large, yellow M, which doesn’t say much about the brand where Burger King’s symbol clearly shows what they are all about. In a way, both work, but when you are an advertising business, you have to be as clear as possible like BBDO.

Know the Market

Just as it is within the industry, you have to know where your market stands and what you can deliver with your name. Look at it this way, not everything will sell everywhere. At times, you will have to make tweaks and minor changes in a few places to catch the attention of people in a targeted location. In some cultures and countries, there are colors and shapes with completely different meanings. China considers blue as the color of sadness or mourning. If you pay attention to these things, you can take your advertising business to greater success. Consider the Engine Group for instance, their logo is made to appeal to the global markets with its use of black and red, and the straight font. You cannot go wrong with it anywhere.

Ask Your People

The people around you or your employees can really make in bringing a change in perception. If you get their feedback or opinion with logo designing, you can find out what more you can take out or add. It doesn’t matter how creative you might think your own process is, there might be someone on board who could make a positive contribution.

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