7 Best Ways to Generate More Leads Through Video Marketing

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7 Best Ways to Generate More Leads Through Video Marketing

Video marketing is taking center stage in the digital marketing field. Whether it’s for e-commerce or even healthcare businesses, online videos can do so much more than helping marketers out there to boost brand awareness. Those engaging, dynamic content can also be a powerful lead generation tool.

Regardless of your business size and the industry you belong to, leads are a crucial part of your business operation. Without leads, it's almost impossible for your business to gain sales and grow its customer base.

While generating qualified leads remains a big challenge for marketers, you can use a video marketing strategy to collect your prospect's contact information seamlessly so that you can see better sales in the long run.

Best Tips on How To Benefit From Video Marketing

We've listed some of the most powerful ways you can boost your lead generation using an online video marketing strategy. Let's dive in!

Tip #1. Use Gated Videos

Gating your videos means that you only make the content fully accessible for people who submit their contact information (e.g., names, email addresses, etc.). This can be done by putting a form in front of the video or having an overlay that asks for contact information.

Gated videos are popular because they provide content to prospects right away and lessens their need for effort. In addition, it also helps you get your prospect's email addresses so you can stay in touch with them and engage them. This way, you can engage them to convert into paying customers easily.

best tips on video marketing strategy

Tip #2. Choose the Right Video Type and Style

There are a bunch of video types you can use to generate more leads, from FAQ videos to customer service videos. In this case, you need to choose the right video type that matches your prospects' interests and preferences.

When you appeal to younger prospects, you can rely on fun, casual video styles like explainer videos. Meanwhile, when you target older, more professional prospects, videos like customer testimonials or how-to can be a go-to option.

Also, you need to understand the stage of the buying process your prospects are at. If you're trying to generate a trial sign-up, then something like an explainer video or customer testimonial might be best suited for the stage where they're in research and comparison shopping mode -- before making any decisions.

Tip #3. Host a Video on Landing Pages

Landing pages can be an ideal place on your website to generate leads. Lead generation landing pages should be designed to create a high-quality, engaging experience for your prospects.

Adding videos on your landing pages can help visitors understand your offering quickly. The better they understand your offer, the more likely they will connect with your brand and perform your desired actions.

Well-crafted lead generation videos also help keep their attention until they finally get down on the form and enter their information. You can add different tabs or buttons throughout that lead up to this point so you don't lose them in the conversion process.

Tip #4. Optimize Your Videos for Different Social Media Platform

To find more qualified prospects, you need to go beyond your website. With billions of users worldwide, social media platforms are such a potent place for your video content marketing to grab more eyeballs and boost your video views.

A stunning social video can entice viewers to leave the platform and come to your website to become your leads. That said, you need to pay attention to each platform's video guidelines and preferences. After all, no social media is created the same, right?

YouTube, for example, is better for longer-form videos, such as tutorials and reviews. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is popular for professional-looking, formal marketing videos. Therefore, optimizing lead generation initiatives based on where videos are to be used is critical to ensure that your lead generation videos perform well on each platform.

Tip #5. Include a Video in Your Email Newsletter

Another handy way to generate leads using video marketing for business is to include a video in the email newsletter. With the popularity of social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat, email marketing is perhaps not at its peak.

Include a video in the email newsletter

However, that does not mean it should be abandoned altogether. In fact, an email newsletter with a video can go a long way in keeping your existing leads engaged.

When you include a video in your email newsletter, you can ensure that the recipient is more likely to watch it. According to the statistics, an email including a video can increase your email click-through rate by up to 300%. The more subscribers click on your emails, the more chances you will have to encourage them to take action.

Tip #6. Focus on Providing Values

Your prospects submit their contact information in exchange for the free, informative content you're offering, so providing them with something of value in return is the best way to generate leads. In other words, don't create videos for the sake of doing it for lead generation.

Providing values should be one of your main priorities when using videos as a lead generation tool. Remember, the power of video lies in its ability to engage the viewer from start to finish and show them a problem they know is worth solving, or something their life desperately needs. Keeping your audience engaged will help you generate more leads as well as increase lead conversion rates.

When your prospects find your lead generation videos valuable and answer their concerns, they should have no problem signing up for a free trial or making an investment in your product.

Tip #7. Add an End Card

When you host your videos on video-sharing platforms, like YouTube, it's always better to add an end card at the end of your video. End cards will act as a powerful, visible call-to-action (CTA) that pushes viewers to take the action you want them to do.

This will let you have an even stronger call-to-action with viewers, and it also reminds them to sign up to become leads for more information. You can add a link to the end card that guides viewers to your lead generation pages. With only one click, they can land on your lead generation page and familiarize themselves even more with your brand.

Final Thoughts

With the increase in demand for video content from consumers, video marketing absolutely matters for every savvy marketer out there. The benefits of video marketing are not limited to building a strong online presence or better SEO ranking. This engaging strategy can also be used as an effective and inexpensive way to generate leads.

Another good news is that videos are easy and quick to create. You can easily create your own lead-generating videos using video marketing tools or rely on professional video marketing services or video marketing companies.

With those tips mentioned above, now you can collect personal information and establish contact points to create as many “leads” or “prospects” for your business as you can.