eCommerce Product Trends for 2022

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eCommerce Product Trends for 2022

eCommerce future trends shape how sellers predict the customer journey. For example, one general prediction comes from eCommerce sales accounting for about 18% of retail sales globally. This example is extensive but essential to get an idea of the future eCommerce trends.

To determine that future, it’s essential to understand the basics of forecasting.

How To Forecast eCommerce Trends

Forecasting is built entirely from historical data. This data can come from numerous sources:

  • Personal experience
  • News stories regarding the latest global trends
  • Annual growth rate reports
  • Fluctuating search engine rates

Following news and websites like Google Trends enable you to remain on the cutting edge of trending information. When tracking eCommerce growth trends, it is vital to have a feed wholly dedicated to these sources.

Spend time each day looking at the latest developments. Having an understanding of those developments enables you to stay ahead of the competition.

Another example comes from forecasting inventory levels. Historical data is critical when deciding how much stock you have.

Using the previous year’s data and your growth rate, you will understand selecting the units you need to order more effectively. Many of these decisions are made using business experience.

ecommerce trends for 2022

What Will Shape eCommerce Trends in 2022?

These areas primarily shape trends in eCommerce growth:

  • Mobile eCommerce Growth - More people use mobile devices than they use PCs. About 67% of website traffic comes from mobile, while 37% comes from PC. Mobile eCommerce trends predict the number of mobile purchases to go up.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - AI and machine learning are great for predicting the customer process. Today, major companies like Amazon use this to predict buyer behavior. Knowing the customer journey is imperative to selling effectively.
  • Drone Delivery - Talks of drone delivery from significant companies like Alibaba and Amazon are reshaping how deliveries will look like. Today, drones in China are actively delivering food parcels. Amazon has also run small testing in recent years.
  • Social Media eCommerce - Brands have been leveraging social media and eCommerce integrations for years. That trend is expected to grow. Tik Tok, for example, has great potential to dominate this market.

Knowing eCommerce trends will enable you to preemptively build your eCommerce offering to take advantage of these trends. With this in mind, the other half of your effectiveness comes from offering the right products.

Top Product Trends in eCommerce

When it comes to an improved customer experience, you want to offer what customers are looking for. In any eCommerce business, doing anything else is absolute insanity.

Below, we will cite a few of the top product trends in eCommerce and why you should consider them.

If you don’t find any of these ideas appealing, you can explore product ideas on sites like eBay.

Smart Gadgets: Tracking Tripod, Wireless Charging Station, Mini Wireless Camera

As people are becoming more connected, it makes sense to add more features to your smartphones. Many of these features come through extensions to smart devices.

Smart devices are those that have a direct connection to your phone, usually being managed by an application. Some of these devices just integrate incredibly well with your smartphone.

The three examples above are chosen for these reasons:

  • Smart Tracking Tripod - Smart tracking tripods target a narrow niche of people. Because of the narrowness of this purchase, there is low competition. New sellers need to focus on low competition areas.
  • Wireless Charging Station - The popularity of wireless charging stations is evident with the number of online sales available. Given the number of narrow niches within this area, they are a reasonably easy tech space to get into.
  • Mini Wireless Camera - A big part of creating a smart home comes from improving security. Mini wireless cameras (sometimes called spy cameras) are a much more narrow space in the home security sector.

The only issue about getting into the tech niche comes from their higher tendency to malfunction. If you put technology into any device, some online customers will struggle with it.

On the other hand, this fact is well-known to many new sellers. So if you are willing to take a bit of a plunge, this market is ready for ambitious sellers.

Baby Items: Baby Gate

Baby products are an incredibly popular area to get into because of their simplicity. Third-party eCommerce sites eat this content up, given the wide range of products available.

One such product, baby gates, is incredibly competitive if you look at it from a wide lens. However, several narrow categories among the baby gate have yet to be addressed.

Here are a few examples:

  • Outdoor baby gate
  • Walkthrough baby gates
  • Octagon baby gate
  • Mesh baby gates

Because the needs of the parent change depending on their house, baby gates have many narrow niches within. Knowing this enables you to target one of those niches and expand to other baby gate forms as your products gain popularity.

Also, baby gates are relatively inexpensive to make. Given that there are few technology features, they have a relatively low barrier to entry. That being said, you could choose to combine two of these niches and create a smart baby gate.

Sports: Waist Trainer

According to the 2021 Amazon Trend Report, social exercising is back. This comes after 2020, which saw an explosion of at-home exercising.

With both points in mind, getting in on the ground floor of this is essential. One such example is getting into waist trainers.

Waist trainers, as a general term, are pretty popular. They receive hundreds of thousands of searches and have numerous big companies contributing to those.

But the more narrow targets have a different story. Waist trainers are built for many purposes; here are a few examples:

  • With weights
  • For plus-size women
  • For men
  • With butt lift

Much like baby gates, there are many narrow targets.

best product trends in eCommerce

Eco-Friendly Everyday Products: Ear Cleaner Wax Removal, Water Bottle

The importance of saving the environment is evident. If you make a product that contributes to that, let your customers know. These products also come in everyday forms.

Eco-friendly water bottles are a narrow portion of the target keyword: water bottles. As you might expect, there are many tiny targets even among this niche.

You could just share the keyword “water bottles,” but that is too generic to work. With long-tail keywords of five or more words being more effective, it’s essential to be as comprehensive as you can.

You could say the same about ear cleaner wax removers for different reasons. As a replacement for Q-tips, it’s an environmentally friendly alternative.

There are thousands of results for these on Amazon, but Google’s bid price is low if you are willing to pay for off-site advertising. This particular target reminds us of the importance of diverse eCommerce marketing strategies.

Beauty and Care: Reusable Patches, Natural Body Sponge

The Beauty niche is incredibly challenging to become a part of. Based on our analysis, there are two simple niche areas you can start with: reusable anti-wrinkle patches and natural body sponges.

In both cases, the key is to take advantage of product attributes. The general terms both have thousands of results. However, choosing product attributes will enable you to hit incredibly narrow targets.

In some cases, the listings among these attributes are below 20 results. Despite this, there are still thousands of sales among these narrow targets.


When it comes to following the latest trends in eCommerce, it is crucial to be aware of the environment and the products that the environment supports. Combining both pieces gives you knowledge that you can use to come up with unique product concepts.

For an eCommerce business to be successful, companies need to be innovative in how they engage their customers. If you need help getting your creative idea to market, ComboApp eCommerce marketing agency can help make that happen with our product launch marketing services.