Apple’s European App Store Cultivating Curated Categories

There is no doubt it is easy to get lost in the iOS App Store, which consists of well over one million products. The world of Apple is evolving before our eyes, including the European App Store. While the custom layout will stay the same as it has been since 2012, The Guardian reports that the European App Store has intensified curation with the addition of seven new app categories.
The goal of Apple’s expansion to the European App Store is to simplify the store for users to find new iOS applications. (Hopefully, this will put a serious dent in the “app discoverability” problem which faces all iOS markets.)

App Store customers in Europe will also see a brand new look on the landing page, pointing users to these newly curated categories.
Until about a week ago, only five of the European application categories were curated; including games, kids, education, food and Newsstand. That number has significantly amplified and productivity, photo & video, sport, music, lifestyle, health and travel categories have been added to the curated category mix. Prior to this expansion, only App Stores in the U.S. and Canada have presented these curated categories, according to AppAdvice.

Undoubtedly, the future of Apple’s iOS program will continue to flourish making it that much easier for users to browse new applications. As the advancement of iOS 8 is expected to debut to the public this fall, the mobile circle looks forward to see what is “in store”.
~Abby Cin, PR Writer