Developer Economics with Mark Wilcox, Business Analyst at Vision Mobile

This week on Marketing TidBits, we have invited a special guest in from the company that captures the entire app development picture, It is difficult to find another company that publishes comprehensive and insightful reports and surveys about different aspects of the mobile app economy as well as VisionMobile does. In this interview we talk about the company’s history and how Mark was introduced to the software development world. We also talk about app revenues, enterprise app development, SWIFT language and whether BlackBerry will take the lead in the mobile arena.

Mark has over 13 years of experience in mobile software. He received his first computer at 4 years old and wrote his first program at 7. He will always be a developer at heart. Fully equipped with a Masters in Mathematics and a love for gadgets, Mark found a passion in the mobile computing industry. Always slightly ahead of the market, Mark got started with an early GPRS protocol stack implementation. Rapid digital convergence provided opportunities for him to work on almost every aspect of a mobile device software stack at Panasonic, Fujitsu, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. He then got started in app development and wrote two technical books to help other developers succeed. You can follow Mark on Twitter at

Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content