Out of the Twitter Thinking

Out of the Twitter Thinking

What would you do if you were Dick Costolo, CEO of a public company (Twitter) with just about 300 million users? Unfortunately, laying on a beach in the Bahamas with a cocktail is not an option.

On one hand you have a commitment to all of your legendary micro-blogging/news aggregator website users, therefore you need to keep your website useful, unintrusive and just plain cool for the people who love it so much, otherwise you’ll lose your fans pretty quickly.

On the other hand you own a public company, so you are aware that all of your stakeholders have their eye on your company’s growth. You need to keep those stakeholders happy as well. Dick has been known as a very creative entrepreneur and this week he has demonstrated an even cooler feature – Out of the Twitter Thinking!

So here is how it goes. If you want to increase revenue, start selling ads outside of Twitter! As Twitter points out in a recent blog post that announced this bold step, they’ve been observing a LOT of tweet impressions outside Twitter:

“In fact, in the third quarter of 2014 there were approximately 185 Billion Tweet impressions off of Twitter.”

The sources for those impressions are great number of Twitter feed WordPress plugins embedded on blogs and Twitter’s own widget for placing a Twitter feed on websites. The thought process behind this was, if our tweets are all over the place, how come ads are not?

Simply because Twitter is a cautious and smart company, they roll out Twitter ads outside ”of Twitter with a couple of partners: Yahoo Japan and Flipboard. As a big Flipboard fan, I’m very pleased to see it as one of Twitter’s partners. From a technical standpoint, it makes total sense for Twitter to partner with Flipboard. As you may know, on Flipboard you can connect your Twitter account to your Flipboard account to translate tweets from your Twitter stream right on a “glossy” page of your Flipboard magazine.

As always with this dynamic duo, Facebook vs. Twitter, they go neck in neck with new implementations. Facebook has the option to show ads on its partner sites as a part of a re-targeting program and on third party mobile apps as part of its Facebook Mobile App Install Ads platform.

All in all, you should do it!

Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content at ComboApp