Finding more targeting keywords for an app

Within the last couple of years, one of the common trends in mobile app marketing  has been focusing on gaining loyal app users. Among several advertising techniques, App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most effective approaches to gaining loyal users for an app. It’s a no brainer that when a person is typing a keyword in the App Store, he or she hoping to find and install an app with specific functions.

Take a look at a particular iOS app and the ASO steps. Let’s assume that we need to analyze which keywords NoteBook+ Free app is positioned at. To check the app’s position by specific keywords, we’re going to use App Annie’s tool and here is what we will see:

At this point you may assume that these are all keywords that the app is positioned high with, though that is not the case.

Finding more targeting keywords for an app
Let’s utilize ComboApp’s App Store Optimization tool that was developed internally by our Innovation Hub, ASO Builder, to find keywords that are relevant to those we can see on the list above. The ASO Builder tool allows us to look up Related Keywords and Suggestions, supplied by the App Store, for a specific keyword. We’re taking all keywords that were supplied to us by the App Annie KeyWords/ASO tool and inputted them into the ASO Builder tool. After removing several unrelated keywords, we receive the following list of keywords:


The next step is to take these keywords and add them back into the App Annie KeyWords/ASO tool to see what the app’s current positioning is by these keywords. In the marked up part of the list we can see new keywords like notebook for iPad, notebooks for iPad, the notebook, handwriting app – the ones the app is at Top 10 in search.

Also we see keywords like take notes, write notes – these are relevant to the app but the app currently isn’t positioned by these at all which presents an opportunity to optimize the app’s keywords.

Finding more targeting keywords for an app
I hope this tool combination will help you to discover more keywords for your app that you were not aware of before.

Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content at ComboApp