Apple’s Spring Forward event Recap

Apple's Spring Forward event Recap

Apple’s Spring Forward event is over, we can definitely say that spring has finally arrived!

Let’s see what Apple has been cooking for us to demonstrate on this beautiful March 9th morning at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. First up, Apple’s retail update.


Retail Update

By now Apple has opened 453 Apple Stores in 16 countries, 265 of which are located in the US. At the beginning of the event, Apple presented the latest addition to this long list – a brand new Apple Store in West Lake, China. Since the moment Apple managed to establish a partnership with China Mobile in January of 2014, the Chinese market has become a major focus for the company. China was one of the biggest contributors to Apple’s astonishing financial results last quarter. The company saw large growth in this crucial market. By opening more and more new stores in China, Apple significantly increased its capacity to sell more hardware and has been able to keep up with high demand on its iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Medical Research

Honestly when I first heard about Apple’s HealthKit I thought about the great potential for medical research it provides. Turns out it wasn’t only my feeling. It was Apple’s vision for the platform research development. Jeff Williams, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Operations, introduced a software framework for medical professionals to build apps for conducting medical research. With 700 million iPhones sold by Apple since 2007, this medical research platform has enormous potential to reveal patterns and trends from a large amount of information it will gather and analyze.

As if this announcement wasn’t groundbreaking enough, Jeff also announced that this platform is going to be an open source. It reminds me of when Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, made the company proprietary technologies for creating electric cars an open source as well. The idea behind such initiatives is to achieve a big level of adoption by many companies quickly. One would hope to see more of these initiatives in a corporate world.

The New MacBook

Every time Apple introduces a new MacBook model it seems like it’s going to be impossible to make it even lighter, thinner and more powerful than the last. With every new model, Apple proves you wrong. The new MacBook model is only 0.5 inches thick and weighs 2 pounds! For people who remember the size and weight of laptops we used back in the day, Tim Cook introduced it at this stage and let Phil Schiller deliver its full introduction. It’s more proof that Apple isn’t going to be out of steam when it comes to innovation.

Apple Watch

Of course Apple Watch was the major candidate for announcements at this event. No more speculation for pricing. The Sport model will start at $349 and the Special Edition model will start at $10,000 and up (yes, the prices on gold are still high). Apple will take pre-orders on Apple Watch starting April 10th and it will be available in stores starting April 24th, just as it was previously announced. Apple made a special case for Apple Watch app development potential and showed off some of the apps that will make the iPhone plus Apple Watch duo truly powerful. Since the Apple Watch introduction last fall, thousands of mobile app developers put a lot of their energy and creativity into revealing a greater potential of gear.

Overall all updates, except a new MacBook model introduction, presented very important news for iOS app developers – Apple’s mobile app development ecosystem continues to grow and expand in new directions. The Apple Watch Kit will allow mobile app developers to make their apps more competitive by providing additional functionality. With more retail stores around the world, more people will be able to buy iPhones and iPads which means more users for their apps.

You can watch the event recording here.

Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content in ComboApp