Better Targeting Comes on iAd

Better Targeting Comes on iAd

Most advertisers, that are currently using iAd for attracting users with their ads, are often asking how to advertise an app successfully on iAd. Let’s be honest, Apple’s ad platform is not the cheapest and loses much on the availability of targeting features in comparison to other well-known ad platforms. Apple is planning to reorganize its iAd division by following in the footsteps of Facebook’s ad experience and tailor it more to advertisers needs, according to The Information’s Amir Efrati.

Apple executives at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, told Efrati that Apple will soon let third-party companies help advertisers target their ads to specific users, like they do on Facebook. Data like phone numbers and email addresses will be used for targeting, according to the announcement.

According to mobile analytics data, advertisers are currently paying as much as $10 for an app install ad on iAd versus a maximum of $5 for Facebook app installs.

Steve Jobs initially had strong visions for iAd, but the platform hasn’t been one of Apple’s big successes. Apple’s mobile ads were initially too expensive so advertisers went elsewhere.

More recently, Apple has attempted to revitalize its ad business by introducing automated buying and selling features.

Even with the renewed focus, iAd may never be an integral part of Apple’s business. This is simply because Apple has never focused its efforts on mobile apps advertising like Google or Facebook has. Moreover, Tim Cook in his private letter to customers from last September stated that Apple’s goal is to create great customer experience with amazing products, not to gather data on its customers.

Oles Dzyub,
Branded Content Manager at ComboApp