Heat Maps for Mobile Apps

Heat Maps for Mobile Apps

Heat maps for the web typically track mouse movements and are less useful for mobile apps since you don’t see any data until the user touches the screen. You cannot see what the user considered clicking on, only what they eventually touched. In mobile apps, Heat maps show you places where people are tapping the most. Lighter colors show areas where your users are tapping the most and darker сolors show that users are tapping less frequently in these areas. The main purpose of Heat maps are to assist you in making your app more intuitive and user friendly, and as a result more engaging.

Today, there are several mobile app analytic tools that offer heatmaps to track the level of your user engagement including Appsee, HeatData, FlightRecorder or Heatmaps.

Appsee records all touch gestures (taps, swipes, pinches) in each of your apps’ screens and aggregates them into a visual touch heatmap. You can see where users are tapping and find out which parts in your app screens users focus on the most.

HeatData offers you a comprehensive dashboard, drilldowns for each of your pages, number of views specific for each type of device or platform, filters by specific user action (tap, swipe, drag, hold, etc.) and a date picker to track the impact of changes.

FlightRecorder provides lightweight SDK, touch heatmaps, crash reporting and user session recordings. It also provides all relevant data such as CPU, memory usage, location and literally all the sensor and phone data visible to the app are stored for any device playback at anytime.

The company Heatmaps can get heat maps for free up to 10,000 data samples or pay $95 to get access to up to 100,000 data samples with more robust pro plans available for enterprise users. The premium model will also enable enterprises to do things like A/B testing so developers can launch an app with two interfaces to determine which one is more effective.

In the end it’s up to you to decide whether or not to use Heat maps analytics for your mobile app. If heatmaps allows you to better understand how your users interact within your app and have the opportunity to excel in your user experience, then full steam ahead!

Oles Dzyub,
Branded Content Manager at ComboApp