Twitter App Install Ads Attribution

Retention Measurement Issue in Mobile

Until now, advertisers using Twitter’s mobile app promotion to drive app installs were only able to get analytics on ad performance by working with one of the platform’s ad tech partners. Today, the company announced that app marketers can get these insights for free via Answers.

Answers is part of Twitter’s developer platform, Fabric, which was introduced in October. Fabric rolls up its various tools and services like Crashlytics and MoPub. To get Answers’ real-time analytics, advertisers need to integrate Fabric into their apps and choose the Crashlytics Kit. Answers will only track conversion performance on Twitter itself, so if you want to measure conversions and customer lifetime value across other channels, that’s where Twitter’s ad tech partners come in. Among these tech
partners, we recommend considering AppsFlyer, MobileAppTracking and Adjust.



AppsFlyer enables you to track and optimize social campaigns on Facebook and Twitter running on the best-performing ad networks in the mobile ecosystem. With just a few clicks, you can easily configure a range of social campaigns and see the results in your dashboard. The platform is free except for channel attributed installs (non-organic) and features mobile campaign analytics, retargeting and universal SDK.



You can understand where your users are coming from with the help of Adjust Mobile App attribution and analytics platform. With Adjust you can have Facebook and Twitter campaigns sent right to your dashboard and activate any and all data you need to run your social campaigns. Adjust supports all re-engagement and remarketing campaigns, custom audiences and event forwarding of anything you track. See full performance and user cohorts from every ad group in a single dashboard. The minimum budget enabling you to start a campaign on this platform is a little over $100 and features real-time tracking, open-source
SDK and graph visualisation.


MobileAppTracking by Tune

This platform allows you to choose the tracking methods and device identifiers that will work best to meet your goals resulting in a flexible approach to app analytics. This platform uses a single SDK that is already integrated with key publishers and mobile ad networks. The tool allows you to see revenue per install and then measure that progress over time, along with an LTV report feature that allows you to compare user lifetime revenue and engagement. The pricing conditions for this platform are 50,000 free attributions a month, over that $.002 per attribution, plus volume discounts.The platform features dashboard and graph visualization, cross-promotion and real-time analytics.

Each mobile app install ads tracking and analytics platform has its own special features and pricing conditions, therefore it’s up to you to choose what suits you best!

Oles Dzyub,
Branded Content Manager at ComboApp