Facebook Mobile Ad Exchange

Facebook Mobile Ad Exchange

Facebook is aiming to extend its ad business beyond its user base! Recently, Facebook announced its intentions to extend its ad product LiveRail capabilities to ad exchange platform for mobile display advertising. This means that publishers can use the technology to sell both video and display ads on their mobile apps and put available ad space up for auction to the highest bidder.

LiveRail is already using the real-time bidding to help publishers fill vacant video ad space and is currently considering the option to do the same for display advertising. This will allow publishers to manage and optimize their revenue sources across all of their mobile app advertising opportunities, including ads sold directly to advertisers and from programmatic sources like demand-side platforms, ad networks and agency trading desks.

The goal of this update is to make more room for improvements to publishers’ monetization programs providing them a tool for control, efficiency and higher revenues. Delivery of targeted ads to its audience at the most convenient time is allowing publishers to segment and sell their inventory more effectively, target their impressions more accurately, reduce the waste created by inaccurate delivery and deliver better ROI for their advertisers. LiveRail will now use its anonymized user data to help publishers serve better targeted advertising on platforms that aren’t Facebook, including desktop and mobile video, and the new extension into in-app mobile display.

This update from Facebook should agitate Google and Twitter. Google already offers DoubleClick and Twitter has MoPub, both are operating as similar ad exchanges. For Facebook the most important is the user data, which is setting its ad tools apart from the competition. Google’s DoubleClick is focused more on search-related data. Twitter offers some user targeting with the help of MoPub, but not on every type of transaction. Even if it did, Facebook believes it has better user data than Twitter.

According to its beliefs, better user data will result in a better ad. The main goal of Facebook is to provide publishers with every ad tool they may need, from managing and tracking ads, to selling ad space in bulk, to selling ad space in real time.

Oles Dzyub,
Branded Content Manager at ComboApp