Author: Artyom Dogtiev


Notes from ProductCamp Minsk 2014

There are many informative events around the world where app developers, app owners, app marketers and others involved in the app world gather together to share their thoughts and creative ideas for the future. ProductCamp events holds a special place in this app developing ecosystem’s heart. This event travels from one part of the world to another and this August…



On June 29, 2007, Steve Jobs presented the iPhone to the world. The release of this advanced device completely changed the way we go mobile. Yes, smartphones existed before this time, but the era of “real” smartphones began on that day. This summer marks 7 years since the iPhone release and since then the word mobile has completely evolved. The…


CopyPress Unconference: Inspiring Creative Minds

A few weeks ago, CopyPress, held an unconference led by CEO David Snyder. CopyPress is a company built of writers, designers and developers that create content for startups and small businesses. These talented individuals design ways for their creatives to connect with advertisers in order to create campaigns centered on beautiful and compelling content. They work with well-known clients such…


The Friday Five has Arrived!

We are back to make you smile on this lovely Friday afternoon. There is no better way to wrap up a busy week than with a little chuckle. Here are some of our top five picks of randomly funny and weird stuff from this week. Feel free to hysterically laugh when necessary:    1. Little Bull Boy Talk about grabbing…


Buy Buttons: Two-Tap Wants In

While the world of technology is expeditiously growing and changing, ecommerce seems to be at a stand still. In a recent MediaPost article, Two Tap is looking to broaden the growth of e-commerce and is doing it by incorporating the “Buy” button.   Two Tap is a platform permitting publishers to sell products directly in their applications, enabling streamlined e-commerce….


Apple vs. Samsung: The Battle Continues

The battle rages on for smartphone giants Apple and Samsung. In a recent report by CNet, both mobile giants have unexpectedly agreed to drop all litigation outside of the US when discussing their ongoing battle over smartphone and tablet patents.   Disclaimer: The war is not over. Both companies will continue to deal with their existing cases here in the…


MoPub Helps Twitter To Get Mobile Ads Right

We recently posted about Twitter’s Q2, 2014 report – and of course, the revealed revenue of $312 million caught analysts by complete surprise.   The most interesting and perhaps predictable fact was that $277 of the $312 million were generated thanks to advertising. Of that $277 million generated for advertising, 81% was generated via mobile ads.   In February 2013,…


Friday Five

Introducing the “Friday Five” Everyone needs a little levity in their lives, even the dedicated women and men at ComboApp! Throughout the week, my colleagues and I share memes from far and wide across these here interwebs… We’re obsessed with cute animal videos, Grumpy Cat, Awful eCards and all the other weird (and, funny) bits and bobs one can find…