Author: Artyom Dogtiev


ComboApp Webinar: Pitching your app to the media

On July 2nd at 10am (CST) ComboApp will be hosting a webinar to cover one of the most discussed and, quite often, misunderstood marketing topics: Pitching your app to the media. Along with a traffic generation campaign and social media marketing — media pitching is an essential component of a robust mobile app promotional campaign.   Register at –…


Join the club, Yahoo: Lack of Diversity Throughout Big Tech Companies

Tech company wise, if you are a white male, you get the golden ticket (well, only this time). But, what about the rest of us? Sorry ladies and individuals with any other diverse backgrounds, you are out of luck. Informationweek recently reported that Yahoo has released its workplace diversity statistics, succeeding Linkedin and Google’s released earlier in June.   According…


Phone Battery Dead? Starbucks Has Your Back

Ever wake up and realize you forgot to put your mobile device on the charger overnight? Do not worry, Starbucks has your back. If your daily routine consists of a delicious and refreshing Starbuck’s Latte, feel free to charge up your device while slurping it down. In other words, energize your body while energizing your phone. In a report by…


Blurring Lines Between Physical and Digital Domains

Mobile apps will soon distort the line between the physical and digital world. Gartner reports that most IT leaders do not recognize the severe impact that mobile apps will soon have on information infrastructure. This blur between the physical and digital world will become a major issue if IT specialists are not reconsidering their policies and regulating their information infrastructure….


Facebook Extends Ad Targeting

One of the major influencers on the efficiency of Facebook Ads has been targeting capabilities. Mobile advertising is all about how well a platform allows advertisers to target their ads, exposing them to the people who will find them most relevant. Since it’s launch, Facebook Ads has been using different targeting criteria to narrow ad focus – like interests and…


Apple’s European App Store Cultivating Curated Categories

There is no doubt it is easy to get lost in the iOS App Store, which consists of well over one million products. The world of Apple is evolving before our eyes, including the European App Store. While the custom layout will stay the same as it has been since 2012, The Guardian reports that the European App Store has…

Google + Adds Analytics

Are you on Google+? Do you have a page for your business on Google+? Since its inception in June, 2011 Google+ has been the subject of controversy: The social media platform has been both the “social media of silence” (meaning people registered for accounts, but then never checked/contributed to the platform) and (then) popular amongst technophiles. According to the latest…


Twitter CFO resigns

With a very rare exception, people don’t work in the same company throughout their entire career. Even in such beloved places to work such as Google, Apple, Facebook people leave. Sometimes it happens because of a culture clash between employees, mature leave, countless more reasons to mention and sometimes because they saw a new opportunity, a new challenge to take….

Samsung Launches First Tizen Smartphone

The BBC is reporting that Samsung has launched the very first smartphone that is designed to exclusively use the Tizen operating system.   The Samsung Z is set to launch in Russia in Q3.   The move to implement Tizen as a viable operating system in Samsung devices comes after a lengthy court battle with Apple, Inc. in which Samsung…