Cost of mobile app user engagement for the first-time events

Today, the mobile media channel accounts for more than 50% of time spent with all digital media. The mobile space is growing, moving and transforming incredibly fast adding more sophisticated tasks and challenges in everyday jobs of marketers, product managers and engineers. Being so young and quickly growing, the mobile space is also lacking best practices to guide our efforts….

Your profit goes up

App User Acquisition Price Goes Up in 2015

  Every quarter the cost of acquiring mobile app users rises with a new wave. It’s clear that these permanent take-offs for both download activity and user acquisition costs are here to stay, witnessing a far more expensive mobile marketing landscape then we’ve seen in years past. The cost-per-loyal-user index, which measures the price of acquiring a user who opens…

How to Keep the Customer Dry Erase Board TIps Techniques

Retention Measurement Issue in Mobile

Along with user acquisition and engagement, retention is probably the most important metric for freemium apps and free-to-play games. Retention level and lifetime customer value (LTV) are key metrics in assessment once you have acquired high-quality users for your mobile game. Retention is also a strong indication of the general quality of the app and its user experience.   Despite…

Heat map

Heat Maps for Mobile Apps

Heat maps for the web typically track mouse movements and are less useful for mobile apps since you don’t see any data until the user touches the screen. You cannot see what the user considered clicking on, only what they eventually touched. In mobile apps, Heat maps show you places where people are tapping the most. Lighter colors show areas…

Cohort Analysis on the Cogwheels.

Cohort analysis: a useful tool for mobile app analytics

Cohort analysis is one of the hottest topics in mobile app analytics right now and is a great way for marketers to stay updated on customer behavior within their mobile apps. Its potential application in mobile app marketing is obvious, but there are still usage issues on a regular basis. A cohort is a group of users who share some…


Tablet Learning the New Cool Thing

All kids learn differently, but can kids learn on tablets? Recently, The Smithsonian conducted research regarding children using tablets and their ability to learn reading skills through educational apps. A professor from Newcastle University conducted a trial with students in lower economic areas throughout the country. These professors are hoping to build reading skills to these to using educational apps…


App Annie: Updating Reviews and Ratings One Day at a Time

App Annie is basically the king of all app reviewing sites. The friendly site has announced that they are changing the way their app reviews and ratings are done – simply to keep things fresh and new!   App reviewers are all over the Internet these days. With sites like 148Apps, AppAdvice and even our very own ComboApp App Stories,…

Nielsen BETA Testing a MAM Service?

Mid-April, MediaPost reported that Nielsen measure all ads, including video and display. In addition to mobile browsers, the tool is measuring in-app ads on both iOS and Android.   Via MediaPost: “Cross-screen audience measurement is critical for advertisers to leverage the trend of increasing mobile video consumption,” said Jason Lopatecki, chief strategy officer, at TubeMogul, in a statement. The U.S….

Mobile Game Monetization Report

Recently, VentureBeat presented an extended report that summarizes data from 176 game developers, with more than 1,000 published games that collectively generated more than 300 millions downloads. Currently it’s the most comprehensive effort to draw a picture of the current state of mobile game monetization. The reports presents statistical data for mobile games that have brought in over $600 million…