Apple’s WWDC 2015 – The Keynote

WWDC is the world’s largest gathering of Apple developers, alpha geeks and experts of excellence. This year the WWDC was filled with announcements about incremental upgrades and innovations to Mac OS X and iOS.   As for us, mobile is playing a central role in this and we would like to focus your attention on all improvements that should make…


Apple’s iOS Analytical Tool

Apple announced a new app analytics feature at the WWDC conference last year and now the company is finally starting to invite registered developers to test the beta version of the product. The long awaited iOS analytical tool from Apple has a very simple name: “Apple’s App Analytics”. A corresponding announcement inviting developers to request early access to the service…


Apple’s Spring Forward event Recap

Apple’s Spring Forward event is over, we can definitely say that spring has finally arrived!   Let’s see what Apple has been cooking for us to demonstrate on this beautiful March 9th morning at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. First up, Apple’s retail update.   Retail Update By now Apple has opened 453 Apple Stores in 16 countries,…


Apple’s market cap is now over $700 Billion

Apple shares ended the day trading at $128.71 on February 19. This gives Apple a massive market cap of $745.01 billion, which once again makes Apple the single most valuable American company ever just one day after it broke through the $700 billion barrier for the first time. That’s nearly double the next largest company on the list, Exxon Mobil….


Apple’s Swift Programming Favorable to Many

Swift, Apple’s new programming language, has seen favorable results from many outsiders. In a recent AppleInsider report, iOS and OS X developers including American Airlines, Getty Images, Linkedin and Duolingo are really big fans as their interest in the product continues to grow.   What is Swift? According to Apple, “Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and…


Apple Works to Improve iAd in Latin America

Have no fear, Apple, a Miami-based app marketing company is here…to help push iAds in Latin America. In a recent report by AppleInsider, Apple is working to improve its struggling iAds platform by partnering with IMS.   This is exciting news for Apple and for customers across Latin America. It is clear that Apple sees a very intriguing opportunity in…


Bank of America Customers Show Love for Apple Pay

As we all know technology is changing the way we interact and get tasks done each and every single day, even when it comes to banking. In this case, no bank wants to fall behind in the mobile world and many seem to be jumping on the Apply Pay bandwagon, which brings me to Bank of America and their latest…


Learn to Code with Apple’s “Hour of Code”

  It seems as though learning to code has been a big wish on many kid’s wish lists this holiday season. Apple wants to grant those wishes by hosting “Hour of Code” at retail stores worldwide this December.   In a recent report by AppleInsider, the company reported this week that they are collaborating with Seattle-based for the second…


Apple Joins Rubicon to Offer Automated iAds

Apple is doing whatever it possibly can to catch up with rival mobile advertisers. The competition is tough in this particular department but in a recent report by MediaPost, Apple recently announced a partnership with Rubicon Project.   Rubicon Project is a leading technology company automating the buying and selling of advertising. According to the recently published article, Rubicon is…


Will Mobile Payments Change the Way we Shop?

Can you imagine paying with just the tap of your cell phone? Think what this could do for the wallet industry! Apple has brought this idea back to the spotlight with their new ApplePay system. But will they be successful in this new venture? In an article by Mediapost, they stated that we shouldn’t be throwing away our wallets just…