Internet of Things

Smart cars, smart washing machines, smart houses and more are all components of what we like to call “The Internet of Things” – also known as IoT.   In a recent Re/code article, Bonnie Cha explains to beginners what this whole idea actually means and how we go about living in this connected world each and every day.   As…


Beacons Tech Benefits

If there was a single word to describe the 2014 mobile space, it would be Beacons. In mid-2013 Apple introduced iBeacon, a small radio transmitter that sends signals using low-power consuming Bluetooth 4.0 tech and allows push of specific messages to people’s iOS devices (running iOS 7 and later) up to 70 meters. Throughout 2014 we saw multiple examples of…


iBeacon Adoption Bumpy Road

This October, Arts Center Melbourne test ran iBeacon technology during a festival, which displayed what problems may arise on the path to new technology adoption. The idea was to offer attendees special coupons as soon as they pass by a cafe or bar within the center.   According to the center’s marketing manager, Kristen Eckhardt, the offers were downloaded 515…