Mobile App Holiday Shopping

Win the Holiday Shopping Season With Mobile Marketing

Retail apps win the holiday season one more time this year. 92% of Millenials use smartphones during offline holiday shopping, mostly to compare prices, research products online, find special deals and store locations. More and more customers rely on smartphones for making purchases, so brands and retailers can benefit greatly from creating mobile apps that will provide additional information and…


4 Important iOS 9 Features App Developers Shouldn’t Ignore

The updated iOS features will change the way apps are searched, discovered and displayed.  App developers will need to adapt their app marketing strategy based on these changes. ComboApp chose the most important and overlooked iOS 9 features that app developers should consider.   Search API, Deep Linking What’s New? Deep-linking based technology is integrated into the Search feature. This…


The Power of The Collective

In the age of digital world big changes happen every day. But only some of them can really shake the market and set up the new rules of old game. For this time such turning point in advertising industry was an announcement of first data-driven project called Collective. It’s was created by the initiative of a mobile ad attribution company…


Android App Developer? Benefit from Facebook App Install Ads!

Business Insider has recently shared amazing data on app-install ad market`s growth: according to BI Intelligence study, US mobile app install advertising revenue will reach $4.6 billion this year and grow to $6.8 billion by the end of 2019.   App install ads, which accounted for about 30% of mobile ad revenue last year, gains popularity among all kind of…


The Ultimate App Promotion Source for Start-ups is Re-Shaped

Good news for creative mobile app developers, indies and start-ups – they can promote apps with enhanced effectivity and convenience with the new ComboStore marketing solutions supermarket by ComboApp Group.   Apart of user-friendly redesign, the whole product was changed with a developer needs in mind. Focused mostly on start-ups, indie developers and small teams that are willing to get…



 So you’ve decided that you need public relations,  but how do you get started? Below  we’ve created  a short list of how to choose the right PR agency  for your brand. Best of luck!   1. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR TEAM If you are going to read one thing in this article,  this is by far the most important tip….

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App Growth Metrics

Can you think of one universal aspect of every single app in the store? The answer to that question would be one word, growth. Whenever an app developer conceives an app idea he begins (or really should) to think about how the idea is going to grow and how to measure that growth.   I recently stumbled across John Egan’s…

Digitally generated Wearable technology vector with jogging couple

Wearables Change Our Lives

Wearables – a buzz word that has become a part of our everyday jargon but what difference does it really make in people’s lives?   The overarching function of all wearables is to capture, transmit and display information. Wearables are a part of the Internet of Things, the technological platform that embeds electronics into our houses, clothing and in places…